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Finding the Why, Finding the Purpose

Take a look at this short clip of Simon Sinek’s Ted talk. Sinek is the author of a phenomenal book called, Start with Why. The book has a corporate overtone however Soldiers and Athletes can guide their actions and decisions in a similar way. The idea is, simply stated, what we call - finding the why. It is the idea of connecting with your true source of motivation, the reason behind the things you do, say and think. Motivation is a major tenant of performance psychology. It is a concept that has been researched for decades. The significance of internal vs. external sources of motivation can be discussed for hours. Although the concept seems abstract it's power is unmistakable. When you find the Why you...

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Today we are proud to announce that we are opening up our keystone conditioning program on @TrainHeroic. Training kicks off on Monday, 4JAN. The first program is a 7 week design. This periodized program will provide our athletes with increased core strength, speed and agility, as well as muscular strength and endurance. Visit our website to see a sample of our training programs and methodology. Sign up from now until 8JAN and use PROMO CODE: PLNKHLDR to receive a 15% discount on our monthly rate of $25 for three months. (20% if you sign up for the annual membership) For a chance to win a free shirt all you have to do is follow us, tag a friend or 2...

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