Finding the Why, Finding the Purpose

Take a look at this short clip of Simon Sinek’s Ted talk. Sinek is the author of a phenomenal book called, Start with Why. The book has a corporate overtone however Soldiers and Athletes can guide their actions and decisions in a similar way. The idea is, simply stated, what we call - finding the why. It is the idea of connecting with your true source of motivation, the reason behind the things you do, say and think. Motivation is a major tenant of performance psychology. It is a concept that has been researched for decades. The significance of internal vs. external sources of motivation can be discussed for hours. Although the concept seems abstract it's power is unmistakable. When you find the Why you are automatically connected to a reserve of energy that can drive every second of your hard work.   


Motivation can come from many different places and everybody has something that drives them. Sometimes money, sometimes mom or dad, sometimes fear of failure. My belief is that that lasting success is typically driven by something deep within, something that you truly identify with. When you find this source of motivation work becomes joy and it is near impossible to rationalize your self out of doing what you know you should be doing (i.e. training at 5am) to accomplish your goal and be the person you know you can be.

How do you know you are connected to your source:

•          You are not deterred from ANY setbacks.  

•          Your work is what is inherently satisfying, It isn't directed towards some future "ultimate" end state; work is the end state)

•          Others are inspired by it.  Seeing someone do something for no other reason other than the fact that they enjoy every moment of the task is unmistakably inspiring.


More often than not, finding what moves you and what you are passionate about is often times a long, soul-searching endeavor. Finding that thing that you want to spend everyday of your life doing can be a tricky process.  

Get yourself a journal and begin the process of self awareness.  By answering a few questions (as Sinek refers to in his video)


What is your purpose?

What do you believe in?

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

Why should anyone care?


Start uncovering the truth behind your actions and decisions.  Seek it out like it is the key to is!