8 Week Strength & Capacity Conditioning Program

8 Week Strength & Capacity Conditioning Program

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When performance is on the line why settle on the way you prepare for it?


Strength and Capacity is a 2-month, 6 day/week training program designed specifically to increase total body strength and conditioning, endurance capacity and aerobic conditioning. During this program you will strengthen your core, throw a ruck on your back, and sprint like you’re in a firefight without cover.


The typical weekly sessions is:

Monday- Warm-Up/Cardio/Recovery
Tuesday- Warm-Up/Lower Body/ Upper Body/Recovery
Wednesday- Warm-Up/Cardio, Plyos/Recovery
Thursday- Warm-Up/Cardio/Recovery
Friday- Warm-Up/Lower Body/Upper Body/Recovery
Saturday- Warm-Up/ Ruck Or Run (Cardio/Endurance)/Recovery
Sunday- Rest
    • For ruck marches (weighted pack if you don’t have a ruck) use weights between 35-45lbs.


This program is intended for those that aim for a high level of performance-based conditioning. And in keeping with our methodology, we design our programs specifically to reduce the likelihood of training induced injuries, while maximizing conditioning results.

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