Let's face it; if you lift weights for long enough you'll get stronger. If you run enough, your cardio will undoubtedly improve. That's not the point. The point is, to be prepared to handle whatever life throws at you, and be conditioned and trained to throw it back. 

    Not once has a bicep curl or a bench press saved anyone's life, nor turned the tides in a championship situation. That challenge is won well in advance through consistent, proper training and mindset. We train because at the end-of-the-day our lives depend on it. Whether you are engaged in a firefight with the enemy, looking to dominate an event or game, or you just want to live a longer and healthier life, training holistically will prepare you. Our methods are tried and true. This is no voodoo or rocket science to this, furthermore, no gimmicks. We design our programs with these basic tenants in mind:

  •      Developing explosive functional strength, speed, balance, flexibility, mobility, agility, conditioning and recovery
  •      Preventing symptoms of overuse and overtraining. We infusing Prehab and Rehab into our programs to reduce risk of injury and increase recovery time
  •      Enhancing our Athlete's cognitive sharpness and application
  •      Advising our Athletes nutritionally so that they can reach their goals and maintain performance
  •      Providing each a community focused on consistently performing at their best

We plan to accomplish this by enhancing and strengthening our Athletes' minds and bodies in tandem, providing feedback and challenging their development. We know that the training you receive with us will better prepare you to Excel in Uncertainty.